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At Nordic Hostel, we redefine the concept of dormitory accommodation with our innovative and stylish pod bunk beds, minimal, essentian and Scandinavian design. Each dormitory at Nordic Hostel is designed to provide a comfortable and private sanctuary for our guests, ensuring a restful night's sleep and a rejuvenating stay in Reykjavik.

Inside each pod, guests will find a range of amenities designed to enhance their comfort and convenience. A plush 90-centimeter wide mattress ensures a restful night's sleep, while a blackout curtain allows guests to block out any unwanted light and enjoy uninterrupted rest. A foldable desk provides a convenient workspace for guests who need to catch up on work, simply watch a movie or plan their next adventure in Iceland, while sockets and a light button offer easy access to essential utilities.

single pod dormitory

Each bed comes with fresh linen, a soft pillow, and a warm duvet for a restful night's sleep. With blackout curtains for privacy, private lockers for security, and private outlets for convenience, our pods ensure a cozy and personalized experience for every guest.

double pod dormitory

Get cozy in our double pod dorms, where each double bed is nestled in a bunk unit for two. Complete with fresh linen, soft pillows, duvets, blackout curtains, private lockers, and outlets, enjoy a snug and personalized stay.



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